Winter 2021 Newsletter

Travelling with CPAP

Itching to travel now that you are vaccinated, and some travel restrictions have been lifted? Did you know that most home Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) systems are designed to automatically convert the difference in electricity currents from one county to another? Just make sure you have the correct outlet adapter for you destination(s) to be able to plug your power supply into the wall outlet.

Tips for PAP Therapy Travellers

  1. Always keep a copy of your prescription on hand (physical and/or digital).
  2. PAP accessories (mask, hose, etc.) should be in good shape. Consider travelling with spare PAP accessories should something break, malfunction, lost or accidently left in a hotel.
  3. Always pack your PAP therapy device and accessories in your carry-on bag. Packing your equipment in checked baggage will put it at risk for being damaged or lost. Your PAP therapy equipment is deemed as a medical device and is not counted as part of your allowance for a carry-on bag.
  4. Be prepared to remove your PAP therapy device from its carry case when passing through airport security. You may be asked to place your PAP therapy device in a bin to have it examined.
  5. If distilled water is not available at your destination(s), you may opt to run your device without water (with the humidity setting turned off). If water is required for comfort, regular bottled water or a safe, clean source of drinking water may be used. Change your water daily!

Did You Know That?

Regular, non-distilled water causes mineral deposit to build-up in your humidifier chamber. You may be able to remove this build-up by using one-part vinegar to two-parts water, allowing it to soak in your chamber for 20 minutes. Rinse well with warm water before use. For hard to remove mineral build-up, you may have to purchase a replacement chamber. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations for your PAP supplies.

What’s New?

The Phillips Respironics recall, along with COVID supply chain woes have caused a shortage of PAP units worldwide. We are still receiving shipment of some PAP units from ResMed. PAP accessories such as masks, tubing and filters are still readily available, however there continues to be shipping delays due to COVID and the demands that come with the busy holiday season.


  1. What document should you take when travelling? (Hint: It’s from your physician)
  2. Where should you pack your PAP therapy device when travelling on an airplane? (Hint: Smaller suitcases are better than large ones)
  3. How can you clean mineral build-up from your humidifier chamber? (Hint: You use it when canning pickles)