I feel very claustrophobic when I wear my CPAP mask. What can be done about it?

Sometimes a smaller mask with minimal headgear may assist. Many clients are choosing a direct nasal mask that fits directly in the nares/nostrils. Another option is to use a full-face mask to give you the ability to breathe through your mouth and nose.
Proper mask fit and the right humidifier settings are two key factors in helping you feel comfortable when using your PAP therapy equipment.
A high humidity setting may make it feel very hot and/or uncomfortable. Try turning down the humidifier setting to minimize heat and humidity. An improper mask fit may also make you uncomfortable. Clients are to ensure the mask is not too tight. Try loosening the straps of the mask and tightening the headgear, just enough to prevent leaks. Start with the bottom straps first and then tighten the top straps.