Breathe Easy Respiratory Home Care is your local source for respiratory assessments, equipment and service in London and surrounding areas of southwestern Ontario. A physician referral and or prescription may be required. Please contact Breathe Easy for more information.

Home Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy can help improve quality of life for Canadians that struggle with low blood oxygen levels. You can get oxygen therapy done in hospitals, but that can become costly and inconvenient. To get back your freedom, talk to your doctor about home oxygen therapy in London from Breathe Easy Respiratory Home Care Inc. Our skilled staff offers assessments and equipment delivery to get our clients started. We also deliver portable cylinders and other oxygen therapy supplies so you can stay completely independent while using your home oxygen therapy system. Our other services include acting as a Regulated Health Professional to work with our clients both weekly and montly. Read more about our services to see if home oxygen therapy is right for you and give us a call to get more information.

Sleep Therapy

Do you or a loved one suffer from sleep apnea? This disorder can be dangerous, and also disrupts the quality of sleep you are getting. Get back to a restful night's sleep with Breathe Easy sleep apnea treatments. London and the surrounding areas rely on our business for all CPAP machines to efficiently combat sleep apnea. This continuous positive airway pressure machine provides the wearer with air flow throughout the night so you never wake up gasping for breath. If you are not complete sure if a CPAP machine would be a suitable option for you, then ask us about our free 30 day trial. Our team also does free pressure adjustments and checks older machines to make sure that they are running correctly.

If you struggle with sleep apnea through the night, call the professionals at Breathe Easy fro a free quote on all or our products.