Fall 2019 Newsletter

Flu Season

Fall is here and so is the start of flu season. It’s a lot easier to obtain the flu vaccine, as you no longer need to make an appointment with your family physician to get one. Pharmacies and local public health units have been offering free flu vaccines over the past few years, making it more convenient. Help prevent the spread of the flu by getting your flu vaccine once they are available. For more information, please visit the following website: https://www.ontario.ca/page/flu-facts



Prior to washing your hands, jewelry should be removed. Artificial nails, nail polishes, rings, watches and bracelets can be a hiding spot for bugs and therefore, should be avoided. Nails should also be kept short.

  1. Wet hands and wrists with warm water.
  2. Place soap in palm of hands, about the size of a dime.
  3. Lather soap and scrub hands well, palm to palm.
  4. Scrub in between and around fingers.
  5. Scrub the back of each hand with palm of other hand.
  6. Scrub fingertips of each hand in opposite palm.
  7. Scrub each thumb clasped in opposite hand.
  8. Scrub each wrist clasped in opposite hand.
  9. Rinse thoroughly under running warm water.
  10. Wipe and dry hands well with single-use paper towel.
  11. Turn off water using paper towel.
  12. Use a paper towel to open the door if required and avoid re-contamination.

Did you know that?

Cracked skin increases the risk of spreading
infections. Using a compatible hand cream after
hand washing may help maintain healthy hands and
prevent the spread of infection.

What’s New?

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How much soap should you use whenwashing your hands?

(Hint: It’s smaller thana quarter)

How can you clean your cpap equipment in 5 minutes? (Hint: It’s “What’s New”)

How can you prevent spreading the flu?
(Hint: It may involve visiting your doctor or
local pharmacy)