Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall Brings on Humidity Adjustments

With the onset of fall, both PAP therapy and oxygen clientele may require humidity setting adjustments on their therapeutic equipment.

Why would humidity have to be adjusted?

When your hosing is exposed to a cooler environment, the heated or bubbled smaller water particles condense, leading to water build up.

How do I know if my humidity settings are too high?

Both PAP and oxygen clientele will notice excessive water build-up in their hose when humidity settings are turned up too high. Water usage in the humidifier chamber or bottle may also be consumed quicker than normal during higher oxygen flow or humidity settings.

PAP Users: To eliminate or minimize water build-up, humidity settings may be manually turned down on your pap system under setting options in your manual. Some clients opt to purchase a heated hose, to help minimize water build up and to keep humidity levels consistent. Adjustments to your physical environment may also be required. Clients are reminded to keep their PAP therapy devices lower than the head of their bed, to ensure that water drains away from their mask.

Oxygen Users: With most oxygen users, the use of humidifier systems may not be required at low flow settings. Use of humidity will be at the direction of registered staff. When humidity is needed, and excessive water build-up is noted, registered staff may advise you to completely remove your pre-filled or refillable humidifier bottle. They may also provide you with a “water trap” that helps capture the water. A water trap will then need to be emptied as required.

Did You Know?

Water should never be topped up. PAP therapy humidifier chambers and oxygen refillable humidifier bottles should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions and filled daily with clean, distilled water.

What's New?

As we continue to celebrate our 25th year in business, the following upcoming monthly specials and events include:

September: Customer Appreciation Day October 26th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Coffee, snacks and prizes!

October: 10% off CPAP accessories with the donation of a non-perishable food item.

November: 10% all CPAP purchases for Veterans

December: 1 Free CPAP Clean via the So Clean® System with a CPAP/APAP/BiPAP Purchase

Test Your Knowledge

  1. What’s happening on the 28th of September? (Hint: It involves snacks and prizes)

  2. Where should my pap therapy be placed? (Hint: Opposite of higher)

  3. How can I get 10% off pap therapy accessories in October? (It involves non-perishable food)