Summer 2018 Newsletter

Portable CPAP Systems

With the advancement in technology, there are now multiple portable Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) systems available on the market. Contact Breathe Easy to discuss with unit and option best suits your lifestyle.

How is a portable POP system different from a standard home PAP system?

Portable systems are smaller and lighter than your standard home system. They use a heat moisture exchange (HME) instead of a regular humidifier chamber system. The HME retains the heat and moisture from the exhaled breath and then uses the trapped heated moisture on the next inhaled breath. Once opened, the HME must be discarded after 30 days, regardless of use.

Is funding available?

Currently, there is no available government funding towards the rental or purchase of a portable PAP system. Clients are encouraged to contact their private insurer to see if their plan permits purchase. Some insurers will require a quote or an estimate prior to purchase.

Am I able to rent a portable PAP system?

Breathe Easy offers short and long-term portable PAP system rentals. Rentals range from $50.00 per week to $200.00 per month, depending on the PAP system and accessories required.

Am I able to try before I buy?

Breathe Easy offers a trial period of up to one week prior to purchase, depending on availability of units. Contact Breathe Easy for more information.

Which portable PAP systems are available for purchase?

Subject to availability, Breathe Easy carries the following portable PAP systems: ResMed AirMini®; Transcend®; Z1® and Phillips Respironics Dreamstation Go®.

Did you know that?

Along with your standard PAP home system, portable PAP units may be cleaned and sanitized through systems such as the SoClean®. The SoClean® uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize your PAP therapy equipment. Contact Breathe easy for more information on the SoClean® system.

What's New?

This year marks our 25th anniversary in business. Upcoming monthly specials include:

June: 10% off your mask purchase

July 10% off the purchase of a SoClean® unit

August: 10% off CPAP accessories


  1. Which anniversary are we celebrating? (Hint: It's 1/4 of a century)
  2. Currently, how many different PAP systems does Breathe Easy carry? (Hint: 25-21=?)
  3. Where can you purchase a portable POP system or SoClean®? (Hint: The same company that is celebrating its 25th anniversary)