Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring Brings a New Start ... And New Products

Spring cleaning? Just like the need for replacing your furnace filter, the filter on your Positive Airway Pressure device needs to be replaced as well. Spring may also be the time of year for you to replace your mask or mask parts to ensure a good night's sleep.

You may have seen the So Clean® commercials on your TV screen lately. Clients are reminded that this is used for sterilizing. It does not take away the important intial steps of cleaning their humidifier chamber, hose and mask with warm water and mild soap. PAP therapy accessories must also be completely dry prior to using the So Clean®. To meet their needs, some clients choose to purchase their own So Clean®. For a fee, other clients opt to book an appointment to have their PAP system put through Breathe Easy's on-site So Clean®. For more information, please contact us today to see if a  So Clean® is right for you.


What new PAP therapy masks are available?

Cradle masks are the latest in PAP therapy technology. ResMed has released their Airfit N30i™ nasal cradle mask, along with their Airfit F30™ full face cradle mask.


How do I get access to a cradle mask?

Breathe Easy offers a free 7-day trial on masks. Call us at 519-439-1166 to book your free trial appointment.


How often should I change my PAP therapy system filter?

Ultra-fine filters, on average, should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Clients are advised to refer to the manufacturer's recommended replacement schedule, located in their PAP manual.


Where can I purchase PAP filters and other PAP therapy products?

PAP products are available for purchase at our 233 Horton St. E. location, Call ahead and we'd be happy to set your order aside fore ease of pick-up anytime during office hours. For special-order products, clients will be contacted once products are available for pick-up.


Did you know that?

The new provincial budget included a 17% cut in funding for the Home Oxygen Program.


What's New?

A new Fisher & Paykel full face PAP therapy mask called Vitera™ should be on the market soon. Stay tuned!



  1. How often should you change your PAP system filter (Hint: Think of your furnace)
  2. What's the latest in PAP therapy mask technology? (Hint: A baby may be placed in one)
  3. How was the Home Oxygen Ptram affected by the latest budget? (Hint: Opposite of paste)