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Since our establishment in 1993, Breathe Easy Respiratory Home Care has proven to be a key player in the respiratory home care industry when it came down to choice by clients and prescribers who were truly concerned about the quality of service and care that was being provided. Our growth has been contributed to our success in promoting excellence in service and care. We are an accredited organization, privately owned, London based, and are proudly Canadian.

Our goal is to remain committed to our vision of being known and chosen for quality and compassion, to be directed by our mission of meeting the needs of our clients and the community through professional and safe care, and to stand by our values of Dedication, Diversity, Accountability, and Integrity.

Why should you choose Breathe Easy? What makes us different from the rest? If you have had the opportunity to experience any of our services, I’m sure you have already found the answer through our friendly and caring staff. Our employees are unique as they truly believe that they genuinely care more about their clients, and do a better job at providing professional respiratory services. We believe them, and know you will too once you have experienced their exceptional care and service.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation with our compassionate staff, or to send us your feedback on how we can better serve you.

Thank You,

David R. Walker,

Vice President